Our Mission Statement at Most Holy Redeemer

Most Holy Redeemer Parish is a Christian Community in the Roman Catholic tradition. The parish draws people from isolation to community, from searching to awakening, from indifference to concern, from selfishness to meaningful service, from fear in the midst of adversity to faith and hope in God.

The community of Most Holy Redeemer shares God’s compassionate love with all people. The parish offers a spiritual home to all: senior citizens and youth; single people and families; those who are straight, gay, lesbian, and transgendered; the healthy and the sick, particularly persons with HIV disease.

As a parish community, we celebrate God’s loving presence in our lives. In worship and sacrament, especially the Eucharist, we are nurtured and challenged to extend God’s kingdom of justice, truth, love and peace by growing in the spirit of Jesus, the Most Holy Redeemer.

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Fr. Matt’s Message – Week of December 4, 2016

The Kingdom of heaven is close at hand.  The prophets lived in the real world, not on some isolated mountaintop.  They were human, and we can be pretty sure they were as deeply saddened and dismayed by the worlds horrors and injustices as we are.

But they weren’t afraid to dream of a new world, a world free from evil, injustice and war.  They placed their faith in a just God and that helped them to remain hopeful.  Their faith enabled them to rise above their despair.  They believed in the vision of the coming Messiah.  They believed in the power of repentance and forgiveness.

Isaiah, in many ways the prophet of Advent, proclaims a great vision of peace and harmony that is so much more than just wishful thinking.  It is a vision that speaks to the longing in our hearts and helps us to imagine God’s goal for us, that all will be well in our hearts, in our homes and in our world.  The prophet’s vision gives us a renewal of hope when we are in despair, courage and strength when we are tempted to give up, and a renewed faith in human goodness and kindness.

We began our Advent journey last Sunday with the words from Isaiah 2:5, “Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”  We, who walk in the light, do our part to let that light shine whenever and wherever we encounter darkness.  With each candle we light on our Advent wreath, it shines more brightly.  As we work to keep Isaiah’s vision of the peaceable kingdom alive in our hearts and lives we allow it to challenge us to be a beacon of hope, shining brightly.

We accept the challenge when we forgive a friend, a neighbor, or a family member.  We accept the challenge when we act in kindness and bring a smile to someone’s face; when we show compassion to someone who is lost or alone or suffering; when we make responsible choices for the common good.  In these ways and so many others, we do our part to make the vision of the peaceable kingdom come true. And we open our hearts to dream like the prophets.  Jesus calls it the ‘Kingdom of God’ and he wants his followers to dedicate themselves to the building up of that kingdom.

It may be a struggle that we will never win, but the struggle itself is good for us.  Why?  Because it awakens within us that which is precious and good.  Isaiah’s vision lives on in our midst.  This building up of the kingdom lives on as a task for today.  It lives on as a promise for tomorrow.

And we do what we can.  Thank you for a wonderfully successful Thanksgiving Food Drive.  We made that joyful delivery to Peter Claver House last week, and the residents and staff remain so grateful.  Your gifts make a big difference in providing meals for our sisters and brothers who live at Peter Claver.  Thank you for your mindfulness and generosity and for the countless ways you share the light of God’s love.

Please join us for Advent Vespers Prayer Service these Wednesdays of Advent at 7:00 pm. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered each Wednesday evening following the prayer service, from 7:30 – 8:00.

With light, love and prayer,

Fr. Matt

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Join us for Advent Vespers, Wednesdays, November 30th, December 7th & 14th at 7:00pm in the Church.
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