Our Mission Statement at Most Holy Redeemer

Most Holy Redeemer Parish is a Roman Catholic Christian Community. The parish draws people from isolation to community, from searching to awakening, from indifference to concern, from selfishness to meaningful service, from fear in the midst of adversity to faith and hope in God.

The community of Most Holy Redeemer shares God’s compassionate love with all people. The parish offers a spiritual home to all: senior citizens and youth; single people and families; those who are straight, gay, lesbian, and transgender; the healthy and the sick, particularly persons with HIV.

As a parish community, we celebrate God’s loving presence in our lives. In worship and sacrament, especially the Eucharist, we are nurtured and challenged to extend God’s kingdom of justice, truth, love and peace by growing in the spirit of Jesus, the Most Holy Redeemer.

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Fr. Matt’s Message – January 7, 2018

Merry Christmas!  As a family, we always kept the halls decked and the tree adorned (no matter how great a fire hazard it had become) through Epiphany or “Little Christmas” as my mom called it.  On this last day of the Christmas Season we would receive a small gift or a special treat, allowing us to have one more day of Christmas before the going back to school and back to our own family version of ordinary time.

The feast of the Epiphany is the joyful proclamation that the kingdom of God is a kingdom where all people are meant to live in harmony with one another and with creation. There is to be no division among people of faith and the rest of the world. All are God’s children. All “are members of the same body, and the same promise has been made to them in Christ Jesus through the Gospel” (Eph 3:6).

 As God’s people, we strive to create and encourage experiences of peace and harmony. I think most people love a sing-along.  I know I do. In a way, all of life is about singing a harmonic song. Isolation and loneliness come from disharmony. When we’re out of touch with God, with one another, with creation itself, then we feel distressed, pulled apart. This is dissonance. When things don’t sound right together, we instinctively know and feel it in our bones. We do well to pay more attention to this feeling of disharmony. It is a call from God to start getting things back into place.

Forgiveness is a good beginning toward living in harmony.  If you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution, or if you’re looking for one more to put on that list, I’ll share my number one, and challenge you to the same work.  Forgive someone.  I think we all have someone we need to forgive.  I think forgiveness is like a bridge.  It carries us over a dark and painful stretch to a place of light where we can live with goodness and love.  If we allow ourselves to stay too long in the darkness of unforgiveness, it is so much harder to see what is good and right in our lives and in our relationships.

The Bridge by Rabbi Karen Kedar

Forgiveness is a path to be walked.

There are steps along the way:

loss, anger, acceptance, learning,

forgiveness, restoration.

And along the way, you will come upon a bridge.

When you step upon it, it will carry you,

support you, connect you to another side of life,

a side waiting to be discovered.

Forgiveness is a perpetual journey.

There are many bridge crossings.

Each restores a bit more of what you have lost.



Blessings and prayers to you on your journey.

In peace and with love,

Fr. Matt

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Saturday, January 27th: “Listening to the heart of God” featuring Centering Prayer Speaker Michael Fish, OSB Cam. 10am to 12:30pm in Ellard Hall.
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