Our Mission Statement at Most Holy Redeemer

Most Holy Redeemer Parish is a Christian Community in the Roman Catholic tradition. This parish draws people from isolation to community, from searching to awakening, from indifference to concern, from selfishness to meaningful service, from fear in the midst of adversity to faith and hope in God.

The community of Most Holy Redeemer shares God’s compassionate love with all people. The parish offers a spiritual home to all: senior citizens and youth; single people and families; those who are straight, gay, lesbian, and transgender; the healthy and the sick, particularly persons with HIV.

As a parish community, we celebrate God’s loving presence in our lives. In worship and sacrament, especially the Eucharist, we are nurtured and challenged to extend God’s kingdom of justice, truth, love and peace by growing in the spirit of Jesus, the Most Holy Redeemer.

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Fr. Matt’s Message – Week of June 25, 2017

“What you hear in whispers, proclaim from the housetop” Matthew 10:27

I have always had a great fondness for Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang and look forward to reading the “Classic Peanuts” each day in the Comics section of the newspaper.  In one “Peanuts” comic strip, Linus is listening to Sally as she boasts about her religious zeal, and her potential as an effective evangelist. She says to Linus, “I could be a terrific evangelist. Do you know that kid who sits behind me in school? I convinced him that my religion is better than his religion.” Linus asks, “How did you do that?” To which fearless little Sally says, “I hit him with my lunch box!” In today’s Gospel Lesson from Matthew, Jesus is instructing the disciples on their need to be open and fearless in what they say. “Do not be afraid. For everything that is now covered will be uncovered, and everything now hidden will be made clear. What I say to you in the dark, tell in the daylight; what you hear in whispers, proclaim from the housetops” (Mt. 10:26-27). God gathers us together each week to experience the immediacy of His Presence. As a church — as loyal followers of the Lord Jesus Christ — this means growing closer to God. Our act of Community Worship is a great gift from the Lord. We are invited to enter into deep communion with God in this unique, life-enriching way. But this gathering together is not the total experience. There is a second part to it. The same God who gathers us together to experience his awesome presence, scatters us out into the world to witness to his love for all humankind — and to openly and fearlessly proclaim his message of love from the housetops! The same God who reveals Himself to us here, reveals Himself to the world through us. The Gospels clearly tell us, over-and-over again, that the God who loves us so much, and has given us so much through Jesus Christ, sends us out to share this Jesus with the world. To the whole creation — to family, neighbor, friend, stranger and enemy alike — to all nations everywhere, we are commissioned to speak the Name of Jesus, openly and fearlessly. Sally, from the “Peanuts” comic, had great intentions, but her method of evangelization left a lot to be desired.  I think some of us have been hit over the head with the lunch boxes of well-intentioned people of faith.  But no matter what, we are called to proclaim God’s love and what better time or place than right here and right now.  I can imagine there will be many visitors and guests in our neighborhood this weekend.  I take great PRIDE in our presence here in the Castro, and I will plan on keeping the church open all day Sunday.  Let’s all do our part to “proclaim from the housetop what we have heard in whispers.”

Be safe and take good care of each other.

Know of my love and prayers,

Fr. Matt

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