MHR Parish Bulletin, September 09, 2007.


Monday, September 10
7 pm Centering Prayer in the Church

Tuesday, September 11
10 am Gardening in the Garden

Wednesday, September 12
5:30 pm Wednesday Night Suppers in Ellard Hall
6:30 pm Acolytes Meeting in the Church

Thursday, September 13
10 am Gardening in the Garden
7 pm Lectors Meeting in Ellard Hall

Saturday, September 15
10 am Gardening in the Garden

Sunday, September 16
9 am Children’s Liturgy of the Word and Catechesis
in the Children’s Room
9:30 am Weekly Rosary by Our Lady’s Statue near
the stairs going to the Church
4 pm Secular Franciscans in the Children’s Room

Sunday Coffee Hour

This weekend, our regular Coffee Hour resumes. However, the crew for the 3rd Sundays of the Month have retired and if no one steps forward to take over, we won't have regular Coffee Hour every 3rd Sunday of the month.

MHR Community Corner

• We would like to say Happy Birthday to those celebrating their birthdays this week: Sarah Murray, Charles C. Wright, Mario N. Donoso, Enrique Sanchez, Kerry A. McGinn, Tom Stone, Steve Foster, and John Crandon.
• Please pray for the repose of the soul of Larry Fiala, one of our parishioners who passed away last week, and for Kean Brewer, on his death anniversary.

Save the Date!

Sep 20 AIDS Support Group Dine at Chevys fundraiser
Sep 22 Young Adult Group Bike Ride
Sep 23 AIDS Support Group Macy’s Passport Sale and fundraiser
Oct 5 Young Adult Group Adoration
Oct 6-7 Mortgage Sunday Collection
Oct 7 Archbishop’s Visit
Oct 7 Castro Street Fair Parish Booth
Oct 8 Columbus Day (Parish Office Closed)
Oct 13 Reconnecting Program starts
Oct 13-14 Capital Campaign Weekend
Oct 14 Recital Concert
Oct 20-21 World Mission Sunday
Oct 28 AIDS Support Group
See you there!

From the Ministry of Hospitality

We would like to remind everyone that, to avoid spills, coffee or other drinks are not allowed in the Church. Please finish your drink or dispose of it prior to entering
the Church.

Monastery Vocational Retreat

Attention prayerful single men! Marist Fathers and Brothers in Berkeley is offering vocational retreat weekend in October 12-14. Also, the Augustine Community in San Francisco is having a vocational retreat October 26-28. Work and pray with the community and enjoy the vocational conversation. There is no cost but
space is limited. Call toll free 1-800-221-1807.

Cathedral Festival of Flowers

Acclaimed Flower designers and arrangers from throughout the Bay Area will come together at St. Mary’s Cathedral this upcoming October 4-7 to create a breathtaking feast of color and scent. The array of magnificent displays will complement the Cathedral’s famous architecture and bronzes by Mafrini and Rudelli. Festival hours are: Thursday, October 4, 9 am - 4:30 pm; Friday - Saturday, October 5-6, 9 am - 7 pm; Sunday October 7, 8:30 am - 5 pm. Free Admission. For more information on Mass times, when the exhibit will not be accessible, please call 415-567-2020. Come also for the Little Flower Festival, a showing of floral arrangements by parish liturgical art and environment ministers from throughout the Archdiocese. In the Cathedral Event Center (lower level), on Saturday, October 6, 1-7 pm and Sunday, October 7, 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Pictures of Parish Events

Do you have pictures from recent parish events? Would you like to share them with the parish community? If so, please submit your pictures of parish events in electronic
form or otherwise to the Parish Office. You can email them to or you may drop them off at the Parish Office. Thank you.

MHR AIDS Support Group

• Dine at Chevys on Thursday, September 20, and help benefit our AIDS Support Group. Chevys, at 590 Van Ness, will donate 25% of your dinner bill to us. A donation coupon is required per table and is available in this weekend’s bulletin or at the Support Group Office.
• Recently Diagnosed with HIV? Those recently diagnosed with HIV are invited to participate in an emotional health study project at UCSF. A stipend is provided for those attending 7 interviews over 18 months. Call 415-353-4299.
• Soon we will be recruiting volunteers to assist at the Castro Street Fair on Sunday, October 7. Shifts are just two hours and will help raise needed funds for our
programs. Please lend a helping hand and join our great team of volunteers for a fun and relaxing time greeting fair goers and accepting free-will donations. More details next week or call 415-863-1581.

Young Adults Group Calendar of Activities

Sep 22 Bike Ride by Anthony Macias
Oct 5, 7:30 pm, Church: Adoration with talk on Mary (open to all)
Oct 7 Volunteers needed for Castro Street Fair Booth and Parking Lot
Oct 19, 7:30 pm, Library: Rosary Making
Oct 31, evening: Volunteers needed for Parking Lot
Nov 2 March in Dia de los Muertos Parade
Nov 16, 7:30 pm, Library: Evening with Fr. Joe Healy
Nov 30 - Dec 2 Retreat
Dec 14 Annual Christmas Party
Dec 28, 7:30 pm Double Feature Movie Night

Young adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are invited to participate. To learn more about MHR’s Young Adult Group and its activities, contact Ina Acuna or Tony Vela or
email them at

Treasury Notes

• Next week’s second collection goes to the Priests’ Retirement Fund. There is no
separate collection. Please place both your properly marked contribution to the
Priests’ Retirement Fund and your regular Sunday Offering when the basket is
passed once during Mass.
• You can always send in your contribution to the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal
even if the amounts are not placed in the bulletin anymore.
• One of the ways to contribute financially to MHR is through automated electronic
contributions. Kindly call the Parish Office if you would like to start
contributing electronically.

Last Week’s Collection: Sep 3 - 4
5 pm Mass $578.00
8 am Mass $868.00
10 am Mass $3,623.68
Miscellaneous $683.00
Total Last Week: $5,752.68
Thank you very much !

In Memoriam

We have an obituary section in our parish website at If you have a loved one who was a member of MHR and who you would like memorialized on
our web site, please compose a statement of that person's life and other information that you would like to include, and we will do our best to include it on the web site. If
you have a photo of your loved one (on paper or electronic form) we can include that as well. Submission for this as for any other submissions to the web site should
be addressed to or sent to the parish office, attn: MHR Web Admin.

Communications in the Parish

Report things that relate to the life of the parish, upcoming events, past events and updates about your parish group. For the bulletin, submit your notice Thursday, nine days before publication. For additions or modifications to our web site, email

We have many Ministries at MHR!

We would like to thank and congratulate our many parish volunteers.

Pastoral Council: Michael Furze, Matt Dorsey, Les Young, Steve Rosera, Tony Vela, Michael Fraker, Ina Acuna, Catherine Cunningham, Joe Cooper

Worship Committee: Les Young, David Differding, Nanette Miller, John Revicky, Peter Toms, Ray O’Connor, Olivier Hubert, Charlie Fermiglia

Acolytes: Nanette Miller, Carlos Rodriguez, Catherine Cunningham, Danny Field, David Differding, Dick Dunphey, Hank Bineault, James Lonergan, Les Young, Linda Saytes, Mark Santos, Perry Littrell, Phillip Carrizosa, Wallace Greene, William McCaa

Environment Planning: John Revicky, Don Willard, Gloria Swanson, Michael Furze

Eucharistic Ministers: Peter Toms, Alma Sullivan, Andrew Whelan, Arthur White, Bill De Lao, Bob Jacks, Bob Nelson, Carol Klufts, Charles Chow, Charles Spina, Chuck Dazols, D Arias, Ed Mah, Ed Pon, Esther Sojka, Frank Leykamm, Frank Masson, George Woyames, Hank Martinez, Hugh O’Regan, Jack Flynn, Jerry Anderson, Jerry Betz, John Felicetti, John Knechtel, John Revicky, Jorge Arango, Joseph Cooper, Joseph Galaz, Joseph Osuna, Kathy Jenkins, Ken Emery, Linda Saytes, Lisa Dummer, Lou Troga, Marc Contreras, Mark Santos, Michael Amaro,
Michael Nava, Nick Andrade, Olga Barrera, Pascuale Marchese, Patrick Mulcahey, Patrick Quinn, Paul Gonzales, Paul Hufstedler, Perry Littrell, Ramona Michaels, Raphael Whelan, Richard Fraumeni, Richard Fuselier, Richard Gianoli, Rob Hopcke, Robert Douglas, Ron Pacheco, Russ Schuchardt, Sharron Zakus, Shirley Olivo, Sr. Cleta Herold, Sr. Nancy Bolton, Sr. Ruth Patrick, Tom Nishimura, Tony Fernando, Vivi Blanquie, Will McCaa

Lectors: Ray O’Connor, Bill Benemann, Bill Mathews, Bill Osuna, Bob Olszewski, Bryan Terhune, Catherine Cunningham, Daisy Young, David Differding, Edna
Flores, Francis Cummings, Frank Masson, Gregory Kolb, James Anderson, James DeWan, James Everitt, Jo-Anne O’Hare, John Ottersberg, John Squeri,
Kathleen Jenkins, Larry Ku, Len Stec, Les Young, Linda Saytes, Lou Petrella, Lou Troga, Louis Dunn, Mary Kay Henry, Mary Moore, Michael Vargas, Nanette Miller,
Patricia Harber, Paul Hufstedler, Paula Macchello, Philip Carrizosa, Ramona Michaels, Rose Zimbardo, Roz Gallo, Sr. Cathy Cahur, Steve Rosera, Steve
Wallace, Thomas O’Keefe

Liturgy Planning: David Differding, Charlie Fermeglia, John Revicky, Nannette Miller, Nick Andrade, Pete Toms, Ray O’Connor

Ministry of Hospitality: Olivier Hubert, Charles Chow, Charlie Frisbie, Chuck Bold, Danny Field, Don Propstra, George Woyames, Gregg Plummer, Jack
Flynn, James Donaker, Jim Laufenberg, Jim Lonergan, Joe d'Amato/Robert, John Solaegui, Joseph Osuna, Kenny Vandenberg, Michael Daly, Michael Fraker,
Michael Furze, Robert Lane, Tim Laime, Tom Notaro

Music Ministry: No update received. 2006 list: Charlie Fermeglia, Anthony Macias, Cathy Squeri, Chuck Primich, David Xiques, Ellene Egan, Gary Solack, Georgina Argueta, Gregory Marks, Ina Acuna, Jay Guevara, Jeff McEwen, Jerome Imhoff,
Jim Luedde, John Champion, John Chisholm, Karen Scott, Kerry McGinn, Kevin O’Donnell, Kevin Paulson, Lorie Franks, Lou Petrella, Marty Bednarek, Peter
Colucci, Raphael Whelan, Richard Wanner, Ron Messineo, Rusc Trinidad O’Keefe, Sr Marilyn Morgan, Sue Fandel, Tommy Tortenson, Tony Espinosa, Vivi
Blanquie, Will Skaff

Administration Committee: Bob Gajewski, Jim McCrea, Ron Pacheco, Nick Andrade, Michael Furze, Tony Vela Buildings and Grounds: Michael Furze, Nick Andrade, Ron Pacheco

Communications: No update received. 2006 list: Michael Furze, Steve Rosera, Tony Vela

Community Life Committee: No update received. 2006 list: Larry Steffensen, Ramona Michaels

AIDS in Africa Ministry: No update received. 2006 list: Michael Nava, Andy Whelan, Art White, Chuck Dazols, Emily Hebard, Esther Sojka, John Dury, Oliver
Putz, Philip Carrizosa, Rich Wanner, Rob Hopcke, Ted De Saulnier

Centering Prayer: Sr. Cathy Cahur SC, Esther Sojka, Kathy Jenkins, Larry Steffenson, Mary Wyman, Michael Furze, Mike Gelpi, Ramona Michaels,
Rick O’delli, Sr. Cleta Herold

Children and Youth Catechesis: Marc Gonzalez, Donald Holsten, Timothy Laime

Just Faith/Peace and Social Justice: Frank Leykamm, Rob Hopcke, Catherine Cunningham, Jerry Betz, Kathy Jenkins, Louis Dunn, Richard Fraumeni, Roz Gallo

AIDS Support Group (Board and Staff): Bob Pementell, Pete Toms, Greggory Kice, Gregory Matracia, Kevin Killelea, Nanette Miller, Nicholas Andrade, Peter Cullinan, Richard Aragundi, Shannon Biggs

Reconnecting Program: Mike Gelpi, Cyndy Zimmer, Jeffrey Beane, Sr. Nancy Bolton

Social Events: No update received. 2006 list: Larry Steffensen, Ramona Michaels

St Vincent de Paul Conference: Andy Whelan, Betty McQuiston, Eric Meub, George Woyames, Hugh Mallaney, Matt Dorsey, Michael Lynch, Patrice Kavanaugh, Peter Wise

Sunday Coffee Hour: Larry Steffensen, Ramona Michaels, Alma Sullivan, Bill Funke, Charles Spina, Dick Gianoli, Esther Sojka, Gary Ford, Greg Davis, Greg Kolb, Gregg Brooks, Jim Anderson, Jim Boll, Jim Stockholm, John Peloquin, Mel Fong, Michael Favela, Michael Nava, Nick Andrade, Peter Diaz, Phil Solodkin, Ray O'Connor, Rich Wanner, Tom McAdams, Vince Beaudet, Will McCaa

Volunteer Recruitment & Coordination: No update received. 2006 list: Larry Steffensen, Ramona Michaels

Wednesday Suppers: No update received. 2006 list: Ron Pacheco, Michael Furze, Andy Buehrle, Bill“Nacho” Cyders, Bill Terheyden, Bonnie and Jasmine Vance, Bryan Hanson, Chuck Dazols, David De Rosario, Don Doub, Evy Posamentier, Francisco Escobar, Gilbert Gabhra, Greg Cassin, Hugh Mallany, Jerry Anderson, Jon Fusco, Kathi Knapp, Kathleen Purcell, Larry Steffensen, Louis Parrilla,
Marguerite Engel, Mark Ruisi, Mary Wyman, Michael Schaffer, Mike Gelpi, Patrice Kavanaugh, Pete Toms, Peter Atanasio, Pura, Ramona Michaels, Richard
Bennetts, Rory Desmond, Rose Zimbardo, Sean McLaire, Sister Cleta Herold, Sister Connie, Sue Baden

Young Adult Group: Tony Vela, Ina Acuna, Aaron Baldwin, Albert Ng, Alessandro Bresba, Alex Krischner, Ali Carrasco, Alvaro Montenegro, Amy Rodelo, Andrew Galli, Andy Wilianto, Anthony Macias, Areal Alvarado, Bob Kraynak, Brian, Buchi, Carl Covin, Claro Arzadon, Colleen Bradley, Corinne Billette, Dennis Hendricks, Dennis Leamy, Don Soto, Edna Flores, Gabriel Tirado, Georgina Argueta, Gianluca Bernardini, Gilbert Lara, Hector Aguirre, Heralio Serrano, Ismael, Jamie Dutton, Jason Arth, Jeff Brooker, Jeffrey Boles, Jennifer Reyes, Jesus Ramos, Jim Mohr, Joe Carullo, Joe Fernicola, Joe McDevitt, Joe Sanchez, Joey Burnham, Joffer Palmares, John Maze, John Solaegui, Jonathan Yu & Adrian, Joy O’Donell, Justine Ngo, Karen Scott, Kaycee Cadiz, Kevin Paulson, Lance Johnson, Larry, Luci Polli, Marc Contreras, Mark Bieschke, Mark O’Brien, Mark Santos, Martin Cruz, Marty Bednarek, Matt Dorsey, Mayra Stevenson, Mea, Megan Rogers, Melton Castro, Michael Minton, Miguel Orantes, Natalie Taylor, Nicholas Sebastien, Oscar Teran, Perry Littrell, Peter Colucci, Peter Diaz, Phillip Soliz, Rena Ferrick, Rick Salow, Roy Cairo, Sheila Tenney, Shi Jean Bon, Star Im, Steven Blum, Tim, Tommy Fernicola, Tommy Torstenson, Tony, Will McCaa, Zach Porianda


Capital Campaign: Bob Gajewski, Cathy Squeri, Matt Dorsey, Nick Andrade, Paul Wight, Ron Pacheco, Roz Gallo

Finance Committee: Mark Silva, Bob Gajewski, Cathy Squeri, Jim McCrea, Ron Pacheco, Sr. Ellene Egan

Garden Volunteers: Greg Matracia, Michael Furze, John Quisenberry, John Squeri, Mark Ruissi, Mary Quisenberry, Stephen Rowell

Secular Franciscans at MHR: Jerry Betz, Bruce Chatfield, Buddy Frazier, Carlos Rodriguez, Dennis Fontan, Esperanza Derian, Gregory Sandritter, Mark Shannon, Pat Groves, Perry Litrell, Richard Purcell OFM, Susan Mortell

Parish Office Volunteers: Jack Flynn, Philip Solodkin, Ray Queheillalt, Rick Odelli, Zenny S Rosel

"As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another
as good stewards of God's varied grace."
(1 Pt 4:10)


Our Mass celebrants will remember the following intentions during the celebration of the Eucharist:

Saturday September 8
8 am Sharkey and Walsh Families
5 pm Rosil Lauredo †

Sunday September 9
8 am Paulina Balaba †
10 am MHR Parishioners

Monday September 10
8 am Angelina Fazio †

Tuesday September 11
8 am Helen Hoovler †

Wednesday September 12
8 am Wednesday Night Suppers Guests,
Volunteers and Donors

Thursday September 13
8 am Herbert E. Blanchard †

Friday September 14
8 am Dan Prein †

Saturday September 15
8 am Rosemary Savage †
5 pm Clients, Volunteers and Benefactors of the AIDS Support Group

Sunday September 16
8 am Raphael and Nellie Frangella †
10 am MHR Parishioners

Contact the Parish Office at 415-863-6259 to make a contribution for flowers in the church or to have Mass celebrated in memory of a loved one who has died, in honor of a special person, or for other special intentions.

We pray for parishioners, relatives & friends who are ill

David Burleson, Robert Burtman, Rory Desmond, Robert Douglas, Thomas Ellerby, Alice Fedawa, Rev. Paul Fairley, Jenny Firth, Mike Gelpi, Bryan Gibb,
Michael Harris, Fr. Joe Healy, Eddie Keffel, Helen Klufts, Natalie Kosche, Madeline Leykamm, Bobbi Lord, Margaret McCann, Mark McClellan, Art Montero, Kenneth
Najour, Jean Neuhauser, Thomas O’Donnell, Fran Patrick, John Revicky, Madeline Russo, Warren Ryan, Flor Santos, Paul Schwartz, Sally Joe Welch, Alice Wong

Please note, unless specified by the requesting person, names placed in the list are kept for at least three months. To update the list, kindly call the Parish Office at 415-863-6259. Thank you very much.