MHR Parish Bulletin, April 27, 2008

The Inaugural John E. Boswell Lecture

Sponsored by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry, Professor Dale B. Martin, Yale University will hold a lecture on “A Gay, Male, Christian, Sexual Ethic” on Wednesday, April 30. Reception starts at 5:30 pm while the lecture starts at 6:30 pm, at the Bade Museum, Pacific School of Religion, 1798 Scenic Ave., Berkeley. The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry initiated the Boswell Lectures to
encourage contemporary scholars in the mold of John Boswell to continue groundbreaking study that advances the understanding of religion, sexuality and gender. Dale B. Martin is a Woolsey Professor of Religious Studies at Yale University, and specializes in New Testament and Christian origins, including attention to the social and cultural history of the Greco-Roman world. Professor Martin is the author of Slavery as Salvation: The Metaphor of Slavery in Pauline Christianity, The Corinthian Body, and Sex and the Single Savior. He has
held fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Lilly Foundation, the Fulbright Commission and the
Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. The reception and lecture is free and open to the public.


Monday, April 28
7 pm Centering Prayer in the Church

Tuesday, April 29
10 am Gardening

Wednesday, April 30
5 pm Wednesday Night Suppers in Ellard Hall

Thursday, May 1
10 am Gardening
7 pm Choir Practice

Friday, May 2
2:30 pm Thomas Aquinas Seminar in the Rectory

Saturday, May 3
10 am Gardening

Sunday, May 4
9 am Choir Practice
9:30 am Weekly Rosary by Our Lady’s Statue near the stairs going to the Church
Before the 10 am Mass - May Crowning in the Church
After the 10 am Mass - Coffee Hour in Ellard Hall

MHR Community Corner

• We would like to say Happy Birthday to those celebrating their birthdays this week: Tim McFee, Coco Flores, Karl Huntzicker, John Griffin, Keith Gatto, Wayne Lord, I. Orozco, Ann Sulit, Lani Anne Remick, Charles Banales II, Philip L. Solodkin, and Mary Patricia Harber.
• Please pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Frances L. Rodriguez, sister of parishioner Carlos Rodriguez.
• Long term parishioner is looking for shared housing, in law apartment for rental or any renting opportunity anyone is aware of. Non smoker, professional, mature and financially responsible. May be reached at
• Temporary foster care needed for a three year old male cat. Expenses will be covered for food litter, etc. Please call 415-553-8776.

Young Adults Group Calendar of Activities

May 9, 7:30 pm, Church: Bible Study (Jn 20:19-23)
May 23, 7:30 pm, Church: Bible Study (Mt 6:24-34)
Jun 6, 7:30 pm, Church: Eucharistic Adoration
Jun 20, 7:30 pm, Church: Bible Study (Mt 10:26-33)
Jul 11, 7:30 pm, Library: Planning Meeting

Young adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are invited to participate. To learn more about MHR’s Young Adult Group, contact Ina Acuña or Tony Vela or email them at Come and visit the Young Adult Group on our website at

Sacrament of the Sick

• This coming Friday, May 2, we will have our monthly anointing of the sick during the 8 am Mass. All are invited to participate, especially those who need most the grace of this sacrament.
• Call the Parish Office at 415-863-6259 to request Holy Communion to be taken to someone homebound, for the anointing of the sick, or to have a name added to our prayer list. Names in the sick list published in the bulletin are kept for at least three months.

May Crowning

We would like to invite all parishioners to bring their children for our Annual May Crowning next weekend, before the 10 am Mass.

Save the Date!

May 8-10 SFSU Concert
May 9 Young Adult Group Bible Study
May 11 Pentecost/Mothers’ Day
May 11 Pancake Breakfast in honor of Msgr. Harry Schlitt
May 17-18 Second Collection: Black and Indian and Home Missions
May 18 Welcoming Sunday
May 18 Town Hall Meeting
May 18 Most Holy Trinity
See you there!

Treasury Notes

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal (2008)

Assessed: $59,900.00
Paid Up: $10,760.00
Remaining: $49,140.00
(Please use brochures in the pews to donate.)

• We would like to thank everyone who gave to our second collection last week.
Through your generosity, we raised $3,334 for Catholic Charities CYO.
• Next week, being the first Sunday of the month, is Mortgage Sunday. There will
be a separate collection for Bridging the Gap/Second Century Campaign. Please
use the envelopes in the pews or by the entrance of the Church and help retire
our renovation debt.
• The Mortgage Sunday Collection for the whole month of April was $11,118. This amount includes payments towards Second Century Campaign/Bridging the Gap pledges made in that month.
• One of the ways to contribute financially to MHR is through automated electronic
contributions. Kindly call the Parish Office if you would like to start contributing electronically.

Collection for April 19 - 20:
5 pm Mass $410.00
8 am Mass $680.00
10 am Mass $3,993.33
Miscellaneous* $4,341.00
Total Last Week: $9,424.33

*Amounts under this category come from contributions that come through the mail or are delivered to the Parish Office.
Thank you very much!

MHR AIDS Support Group

• This Saturday evening in Ellard Hall is CASINO ROYALE DEUX, our Support Group Board Fundraiser. Tickets are still available at the door for a great evening of Casino Games, Great Food and Beverages, Fine Entertainment,
and over $5,000 in Prizes! Your attendance will greatly support our mission of compassion and assistance to those struggling with HIV/AIDS. Doors open at 6:45 pm!
• A Partial Rental Subsidy may be available to San Francisco residents with a diagnosis of HIV through the Second Start Program of Catholic Charities. For details about the required qualifications, please contact 415- 972-1335.
• Those seeking peer support and professional direction on a routine basis, may find our
weekly programs of Positive Connections or New Horizons most beneficial. Contact us at 415-863-1581 for specifics about each program.

Pastoral Council News

• The Parish Council and Father Steve would like to thank the following individuals who worked on the Time and Talent Survey and Fair: JD Schramm, Joey Rosel, Dan Burgess and Jim Stockholm, who worked on the Time and Talent forms, and Matt Dorsey, who worked on the signage and the Time and Talent Fair. Thank you all for all that you do to make Most Holy Redeemer Parish a wonderful place to worship.
• All are invited to the Town Hall Meeting in Ellard Hall on May 18 after the 10 am Mass.

Bridging the Gap

The following have turned in their pledge cards and have committed to helping us bridge our mortgage gap. Please complete your pledge card so we may acknowledge your participation in our joint effort.

This list is as of April 14, 2008 (in no particular order):

Charles C Wright
Steve Rosera: In Memory of Earl and Dorothy Rosera
John and Barbara Squeri
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Nick Andrade and Jim McDermott
Sabrina Andrade Lipanovich
Ian Andrade Lipanovich
Anonymous Donor
D Arias: In Memory of Deceased Family and Friends
Edna A Flores
John Dury
Francis M Cummings III
Rosa A Zimbardo
Michael Fraker
Chris Stoll: In Memory of Jose Perez
Hector Crawford
Ron Pacheco
Matt Dorsey
J D Schramm and Ken Daigle
Kim Trobaugh
Cathy Squeri
Robert H Gajewski and James H Luedde
Rosalyn Gallo and Catherine Cunningham
Les Young and Michael Amaro
Fr. Steve
Marc V. Colelli: In Honor of Barbara Colelli and In Memory of Vincent Colelli
Bruce Harris
Thomas Nishimura and Bryan Terhune
Anonymous Donor
John Chisholm
Jacque Grillo
Mark Okashima and Bob Nelson
Matthew J. Rotschild: In Memory of Jane McMahon (She lived on Hill Street 1915-1925)
Joe Cooper and Ed Pon
Anonymous Donor
Raymond O’Connor
Anonymous Donor
David Differding
Peter Toms
Greg Holtmann
Carol Damm
Jim McCrea and Greg Jurin
Vincent D. Schmidt
Charles Bold and Ron Gundrum
Anna and Bernie Banonis: In Memory of the Banonis and Yanchulis Family
Anonymous Donor: In Honor of Fr. Meriwether
Anonymous Donor: In Memory of Carlos Michael Solodkin
Lisa Rae Dummer
Tom Notaro
Stephen C. Lotz
William Garland: In Honor of Marjorie and Frank Garland
Brian G. McGrath
Ted Alden: In Honor of the Alden Family, John Rodriguez, and Aris Padron
John Solaegui
John M. Gutierrez
Anonymous Donor
Lyle Cockrum
Jose Costa: In Memory of Roy Arruda
John Golding
Anonymous Donor
Robert H. Hopcke & Paul Schwartz: In Memory of Thomas Olszewski
Brian McGrath
Jerome Braun
Kenneth Najour & Richard Dunphey
Michael Nava & George Herzog
Gregory C. Wrenn
Chris Lott
Rick Levy & Chris Perez: In Memory of Rich and Trudy Levy
Sr. M. Ellene Egan, RSM
Susan Fandel
Art White
Ralph Notor, MFT
Martin Bednarek and Michael Vargas
Andrew J. Whelan III: In honor/memory of Andrew Whelan Friends/Family
Larry Bongort
Charles G. Brewster III: In Honor of Mrs. Florinda Brewster and In Memory of Mr. Charles G. Brewster, Jr.
Leonard J. Stec: In Memory of John, Martha and Anthony Stec
Anonymous Donor
Joseph Connolly: In Memory of Bernard Mark Connolly
Maureen Flaherty: In Thanksgiving for Finding this Loving Religious Home.
Marc Colelli: In Memory of Anna Banonis
Andrew Grimstad, Mary Wikstrom & Frances Wikstrom Grimstad
Running Total of the Pledges to date: $295,390.00

We need each other to Bridge the Gap. Please complete your pledge card and put it in the basket or drop it off at the Rectory.


Our Mass celebrants will remember the following intentions during the celebration of the Eucharist:

Saturday, April 26
8 am Safe Trip to Rome of Nick Andrade and Friends
5 pm Helen Sullivan †

Sunday, April 27
8 am MHR Coffee Hour Volunteers
10 am MHR Parishioners

Monday, April 28
8 am Evelyn Squeri †

Tuesday, April 29
8 am Rosemary Savage †

Wednesday, April 30
8 am April Birthday Celebrants at MHR

Thursday, May 1
8 am MHR AIDS Support Group

Friday, May 2
8 am MHR Young Adult Group

Saturday, May 3
8 am MHR Lectors
5 pm Ma. Cristina S. Hernando

Sunday, May 4
8 am Frances L. Rodriguez †
10 am MHR Parishioners

Contact the Parish Office at 415-863-6259 to make a contribution for flowers in the church or
to have Mass celebrated in memory of a loved one who has died, in honor of a special person, or for other special intentions.

We pray for parishioners, relatives & friends who are ill

Jack Astabie, Priscila Austria, David Barbour, Renee Carret,
Veronica Colfer, Karen Covert, Jeff Daner,
Bev Differding-DeVos, Alice Fedawa, Rev. Paul Fairley,
Jay Filipiak, Jenny Firth, Mike Gelpi, Inez Gomoll,
Augie Gomoll, Fr. Joe Healy, Christian Irizarry,
Natalie Kosche, Madeline Leykamm, Tony Michelini,
Fran Patrick, Louis Petrella Sr., Bob Rice, Warren Ryan,
Flor Santos, Fred Santos, Russell Schuchardt, Michael Smith,
Mary Tolan, Robin Tovar, Julia Tovar, Carmen Vizcarra,
Marilyn Whelan, Tim Wilson, Sharron Zakus

To update the list, kindly call the Parish Office at 415-863-6259. Unless specified by the requesting person, names placed in the list are kept for at least three months. Thank you very much.




  April 1, 2008


Fr. Steve Meriwether

Catherine Cunningham

Joe Cooper


Matt Dorsey

Michael Fraker

Michael Furze


Steve Rosera

Tony Vela

Les Young

Welcome Back Fr. Steve! The Council was delighted to have Fr. Steve home back in our midst and presented him with a welcome home gift.

Approval of Minutes : The minutes of the March meeting were approved.


Time and Talent, Parish, and Liturgy Surveys: Tony reported that overviews of various parish organizations have been in the bulletin the last couple of weeks. JD Schramm and Fr. Joe were scheduled to make comments at Mass on April 5-6 about the Time & Talent Survey. The Ministry Fair will be held on Sunday, April 6, hopefully providing more information about things that people may want to include in their Survey questions. The surveys are due back April 13, 2008.

Because of the Time and Talent effort, and because of the time of year, it was decided that the Liturgy and Parish Life surveys should take place later in the year, perhaps six months out. The Communications Committee will plan the calendaring. Steve Rosera pointed out that a liturgy survey is best taken close in time to particular liturgical events, i.e. Easter, Christmas, etc. The focus of the survey should determine when it is done. Les again suggested asking Donal Godfrey for help formulating questions.

Les said the surveys will be in the hands of the Administration Committee. Michael Furze said he will pull together previous surveys and focus his attention on questions in those surveys that are on liturgy in general, and he will report back at the next meeting of the Pastoral Council.

Town Hall Meeting. There had been discussion previously about our next Town Hall meeting being on April 6 – which cannot happen because of the Ministry Fair. Discussion ensued regarding the Town Hall meetings, the leadership meetings, and whether or not both are necessary. The leadership committee meetings are not well-attended; we have representatives of Administration, Community Life, and Worship committees on the Council; we have eyes and ears in the active groups. We talked about the possibility of intra-group communication by email rather than having a meeting. It was suggested that we ask the leaders of the various groups to report to the Pastoral Council on a periodic basis – what are they doing, how often do they meet, how many are involved, what events are they planning, what are their space needs, what is their budget, etc.

Les expressed concern that we need to have a bridge between the groups and committees and the Pastoral Council. It was decided that we will no longer have leadership meetings as such, that we will continue to have Town Hall meetings, and that the various groups will provide reports to the Pastoral Council on a quarterly basis, the first one being due on June 1, 2008. The Council felt that the Town Hall meetings, the committee representatives on Council, and the reports from various groups will provide the necessary information bridge.

There was discussion about the frequency of Town Hall meetings. Some felt a quarterly schedule was more often than needed; we did not reach a final decision.

NOTE: The next Town Hall meeting is scheduled for May 18, 2008 .

Suggestion Box: Steve Rosera had given us a number of emails that had been received in the on-line suggestion box. One particular suggestion was that we include “transgender” in our materials where we refer to gay and lesbian people. Steve has gone through the website and made that change. The change now needs to be made to the Mission Statement. Les asked the Communications Committee to be the subcommittee to revise the mission statement. Steve Rosera suggested that the subcommittee bring a few options to the Town Hall meeting and let the community vote. The idea of having a clear plastic suggestion box in the narthex has been dropped.

Pride Parade: At our last meeting, Fr. Joe told us he had drafted a letter to parishes with gay and lesbian outreach asking if they would like to participate, and inviting them to a meeting in early April. Fr. Steve said he would check with Fr. Joe on the status; if Fr. Joe has not been able to do anything, Fr. Steve will call around to the various parishes.

Tony believes he has an email from the parade organizers telling us that we have a spot in the parade.

Fr. Steve asked if had thought of an over-arching theme that would include the catholic parishes of the archdiocese.

The Parade is June 29.

Budget: There was a brief discussion about budget submissions. Fr. Steve asked if various groups had submitted requests for budget and for calendaring. Per the Finance Committee's guidelines, the budget submissions are due April 16, 2008.

Les reiterated the position that the Pastoral Council needs to be involved in the budget process – to be sure the budget priorities map with Council's vision.

Tony suggested more participation in the Religious Education Conference. He finds it to be a great experience and others should be encouraged to go. Perhaps we should pay for a couple of parish leaders to go. He estimates the cost at $500 - $700 per person. The Council agreed, and Les will amend his budget request to accommodate this expense.

Tony also suggested having MHR host a hospitality suite as a way of doing LGBT outreach. Most Council members thought this was an interesting idea; it will need further study.


Ministry Fair: The Fair will take place on April 6. Matt Dorsey is taking the laboring oar to get it up and running. Fr. Steve suggested that Matt ask Joey for help. 

Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. Les will do the opening prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Cunningham