MHR Parish Bulletin, June 22, 2008

Ministry to the Homebound

If you or a loved one are unable to attend Mass and would like to receive communion at home, please call the Parish Office at 415-863-6259 to set up a visit.

Bridging the Gap

We need each other to Bridge the Gap. Please complete your pledge card and put it in the basket or drop it off at the Rectory.


Monday, June 23
7 pm Centering Prayer in the Church

Tuesday, June 24
10 am Gardening
7:30 pm Faith Sharing Group in the Church

Wednesday, June 25
5 pm Wednesday Night Suppers in Ellard Hall

Thursday, June 26
10 am Gardening

Friday, June 27
2:30 pm Thomas Aquinas Seminar in the Rectory

Saturday, June 28
10 am Gardening

Sunday, June 29
9:30 am Weekly Rosary by Our Lady's Statue near the stairs going to the Church
After the 10 am Mass - Coffee in Ellard Hall

Young Adults Group Calendar of Activities

Jul 11, 7:30 pm, Library: Planning Meeting

Young adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are invited to participate. To learn more about MHR's Young Adult Group, contact Ina Acuna or Tony Vela or email them at Visit them at

Your input is key to the growth and well-being of our Parish. Drop your comments into the Suggestion Box in the Narthex or visit The Pastoral Council reviews these on a regular basis.

Committee updates from the May Town Hall meeting

-- Community Life: The various committees take care of themselves. Proceeds from Sunday morning coffee go to receptions after Easter and Christmas services. Some social events in the works are end of school picnic, Italian night, back to school picnic and a pancake breakfast.
-- Administration Committee: This committee handles Buildings & Grounds, Communications, Stewardship. The members are in service to the Pastor and take
care of the mechanics of getting things done. The Committee has prioritized a list of things that need to be done with the physical plant, not least of which is the elevator. The committee tries to keep parishioners informed of the goings on through the bulletin. The
results of Time & Talent survey have been placed in the bulletin next.
--Finance Council: The finance council is in the process of finalizing the budget which is always a challenge wrestling with the numbers, e.g., money to fix the elevator was planned for, money to fix the boiler in the school was not planned for. The effort is to build
up reserves. The first run of the budget does not have reserves hoped for. The council will go through budget proposals again.
--No report from the Worship Committee.

Music Notes

Our temporary music coordinator, David Dehner, needs to find a home nearer to the Church. Please help with getting the word out there that he is looking for a modest studio or one bedroom within a mile of the Church (up to $1,200). He has another full time job and needs his transit to and from the Church to be greatly reduced. Leave a message for David at the Parish Office at 415-863-6259 ext. 18 or email him at Many Thanks.

St. Vincent de Paul Conference at MHR

We received a certificate from the San Francisco Interfaith Council recognizing and
saluting MHR in providing meals for the 2007-2008 Winter Shelter Program. If you would like to know more or would like to help this year, please contact Andy Whelan through the Parish Office.

Facilities Update

--AT&T decided to remove certain pay phones that were not feasible to maintain, among them is the one we have by the Elevator near the entrance to Ellard Hall.
--The double gates of the Church by Diamond Street need to be adjusted to latch when closed. Until that is remedied, when closing the said gates, please make sure they lock by lifting the gate a bit to enable it to latch and lock properly.

Treasury Notes

-- Archbishop's Annual Appeal (2008):
Assessed: $59,900.00
Paid Up: $11,035.00
Remaining: $48,865.00
(Please use brochures in the pews to donate.)

-- The offertory envelopes for July 2008 to June 2009 have arrived. Please claim your packet by the entrance of the Church. Kindly call the Parish Office if you were not able to locate your packet. Unclaimed packets will be omitted in next year's printing order.
-- Summer is upon us once more. Please remember to send in your weekly Sunday offering. Thank you.

Collection for June 14 - 15

5 pm Mass $444.00
8 am Mass $594.00
10 am Mass $2,616.00
Miscellaneous $120.00
Total Last Week: $3,774.00
Thank you !

From the Parish Office

-- The committees/groups/ministries 2008-2009 facilities use schedule and corrections to their groups' descriptions and contact information are asked to be sent to the Parish Office on or before August 1.
--We thank the groups who have sent them in: Reconnecting Group, Garden Volunteers and the Ministers of Hospitality. The Finance Council and Lectors have sent in their schedule but not the corrected descriptions and contact information yet.

MHR Community Corner

-- We would like to say Happy Birthday to those celebrating their birthdays this week: John A. Vaillancourt MD, Joseph M. Costa, Thomas Bruein, Anthony James T. OfKeefe, Adrian Arteche, Christopher Robinson, Dr. Todd A. Fralich, Vivienne Blanquie, Patrick Macren, Kristi March, Allison M. Johnson, Molly C. Dwyer, Danny Field, Joseph Bielanski Jr., Nicholas Donatiello Jr., Thelma Alvarez de Schmitt, Joyce Crandon, Vincent Dennis Schmidt and Louis Dunn.
-- Did we miss your birthday? We are sorry if we did. Let us know when your birthday was, by updating your information with the Parish Office at

Special Collection for Burma and China

This weekend, June 21-22, we will conduct a separate collection for the people suffering from the cyclone in Burma and the victims from the earthquake in China. Please make checks payable to the parish with either "Burma Relief" or "China Earthquake" on the memo line.

MHR AIDS Support Group

-- Our AIDS Support Group Beverage Booth Fundraiser next Saturday, June 28, in Civic Center is in need of more volunteers. If you can spare a few hours to help, your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Please sign up after the 10 am Mass on Sunday or give us a call: 415-863-1581. Short and fun shifts are: 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm and 4:30pm-6:30pm.
-- We extend a special thank you to Nanette Miller, who served a total of 14 years on our ASG Board but needs to discontinue her involvement as of June 30. Nanette served as a member and held the office of Treasurer and Chair for numerous terms. We will miss her keen insight, creativity, challenging spirit, and dedicated leadership. As we say goodbye to Nanette, we welcome others interested in joining our ASG Board. Please give us a call.
-- Just another reminder that our weekly Support Groups directed by Jerome Braun, LMFT will not meet from June 23 to July 14. Please contact Jerome at 415-984-0501
for details about resumed meetings.


Dear Parishioner,

In 2007 the parish purchased three hand cast nativity sculptures from Italy to replace our older nativity set. The three sculptures were Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. That was a good start but it cost the parish $2,504.36.

Given our current financial situation, this is not money the parish has. So, this letter is an invitation for you to donate or purchase outright an additional sculpture for our new nativity set. The pricing chart is below. If you decide to donate, we would like to recognize your donation in our parish bulletin and on the sculpture itself by way of small metal plaque. You could even donate in memory of a loved one. Your recognition is optional, of
course. Please be sure to fill out the donation form below and return it to MHR with your check made payable to
Most Holy Redeemer Church.

Pricing Chart (Includes 8.5% sales tax and $75.00 in freight charges):

Gloria Angel $856.88
Standing Shepherd $1,008.10
Shepherd Girl $1,008.10
Kneeling Shepherd $1,008.10
3 Wise men (set) $4,065.90
Sheep (standing, lying, grazing) $357.10
Lamb $226.90
Ox and Donkey (set) $1,560.50

Each of the figures is hand cast from a unique mixture of white Carrara marble, fiberglass and resin polyester and hand painted in traditional colors. The details are excellent. The real gold and silver leaf on the wise men provides a wonderful effect. The durability of the casting is remarkable. Please consider a donation to help complete our nativity set.

In the Peace of Christ,

Rev. Stephen Meriwether, Pastor &
The Liturgy Committee

Name: ____________________________ Address: _______________________________
In memory of: __________________________ But I wish to remain anonymous YES or NO (Please circle one)

Figure Choice: _________________________ Donation amount: $____________________
(Made payable to Most Holy Redeemer Church)

Please mail to: Most Holy Redeemer Church
100 Diamond Street
San Francisco, CA 94114


Our Mass celebrants will remember the following
intentions during the celebration of the Eucharist:

Saturday, June 21
8 am Calamity Victims in China and Burma
5 pm Ralph Quarto +

Sunday, June 22
8 am Margaret Alleva +
10 am Most Holy Redeemer Parishioners

Monday, June 23
8 am Margaret Alleva +

Tuesday, June 24
8 am Vidalla Carredo +

Wednesday, June 25
8 am Wednesday Night Suppers Guests, Volunteers and Donors

Thursday, June 26
8 am Charles Angelus +

Friday, June 27
8 am June Birthday Celebrants at MHR

Saturday, June 28
8 am Rosemary Savage +
5 pm Bernice Ayala +

Sunday, June 29
8 am Norma Khandke
10 am Most Holy Redeemer Parishioners

Contact the Parish Office at 415-863-6259 to make a contribution for flowers in the church or
to have Mass celebrated in memory of a loved one who has died, in honor of a special person, or for other special intentions.

We pray for parishioners, relatives & friends who are ill

John Ascher, Priscila Austria, Taylor Betz, Renee Carret,
Veronica Colfer, Karen Covert, Jeff Daner, Bev Differding-DeVos, Alice Fedawa, Mary Felicetti, Rev. Paul Fairley, Jenny Firth, Robert Giannini, Inez Gomoll,
Augie Gomoll, Charlie Greene, Lucy Guastella, Fr. Joe Healy, Tiffany Helbling, Norma Khandke, Natalie Kosche, Shyam Andrade Lesautl, Madeline
Leykamm, Ralph K. Lindsey, Steve Lindsey, Betty Little, Holmes, McGeory, Shirley Olivo, Fran Patrick, George Prytz, Madeleine Russo, Warren Ryan, Russell Schuchardt,
Michael Smith, Virgina Solak, Robin Tovar, Julia Tovar,
Cecilia Tung, Jena Williams, Tim Wilson, Sharron Zakus

To update the list, kindly call the Parish Office at 415-863-6259. Unless specified by the requesting person, names placed in the list are kept for at least three months. Thank you very much.

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