MHR Parish Bulletin, June 21, 2009


We need each other to Bridge the Gap.
Please complete your pledge card
and put it in the basket or drop it off at the Rectory.


Monday, June 22
7 pm Centering Prayer in the Church and Library

Tuesday, June 23
10 am Gardening
7:30 pm Faith Sharing Group in the Rectory

Wednesday, June 24
5 pm Wednesday Night Suppers in Ellard Hall

Thursday, June 25
10 am Gardening

Friday, June 26
2:30 pm Thomas Aquinas Group in the Rectory

Saturday, June 27
10 am Gardening
2 pm onwards Parking Lot Closed for Fundraiser

Sunday, June 28
After the 8 am and 10 am Mass - Open Library
9:30 am Weekly Rosary by Our Lady’s Statue near
the stairs going to the Church
After the 10 am Mass - Coffee Hour in Ellard Hall
4 pm Secular Franciscans at MHR in the Children’s Rm.

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Pastoral Council News

Garden Memorial Wall: Returning opportunity for the Memorial Wall in the Parish Garden. A continuing interest, and sense of responsibility for the planned memorial wall in the parish garden has prompted the Parish Council to take action. Red bricks with names printed on them will be used to face the curved cinder block wall in the garden, while paving bricks, with the same memorializing will be used to cover the gravel at the southwest corner of the garden. The names that were gathered at the time of the reconstruction from the earthquake are scheduled to be included. If there is someone you would like to have memorialized on the church grounds, there is still room on the wall and on the garden path. Bricks may be purchased for $100 at the Parish Office. These can be either pavement stones or wall facing. Also available pavement bricks (8X8) for $250 and (12X12) for $350.

Your input is key to the growth and well-being of our Parish. Drop your comments into the Suggestion Box in the Narthex or visit The Pastoral Council reviews these on a regular basis.

Thank You

We would like to thank Hank Bineault as he steps down from his post as our sacristan. He has been our sacristan since 2007. Thank you, Hank! Jim Lonergan has temporarily taken over to continue this service to the parish.

Mass Intentions

Canon Law numbers 945-958 encourages the faithful to avail of the graces of celebrating the Eucharist by applying it to a specific intention. The Mass Intentions are published in the bulletin and our website. Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to do a Mass Intention. The suggested offering for a Mass Intention is $10 but could be more depending on the generosity of the one requesting.

Faith Sharing Groups

Interested in joining or forming a Faith Sharing Group? Contact JD Schramm at to learn more." JD will source and support new groups through the year if there is interest.

Parking Lot Closed

The Parking Lot will be closed this Saturday, June 27, from 2 pm onwards to raise funds for the Parish. If you would like to volunteer to regulate the parking lot, please approach Charles Chow.

From the Parish Office

• The groups/ministries/committees’ 2009-2010 facilities use schedule, updated list of persons with keys to MHR facilities, fundraising proposals, and corrections to their group’s description and contact information, are asked to be sent to the Parish Office by July 10.

• The groups, committees and ministries are asked to send copies of their meeting minutes as well.

• We thank the groups who have sent them in: Ministers of Hospitality, Parish Office Volunteers, Buildings and Grounds, Administration, Communication, Wednesday Suppers, St. Vincent de Paul Conference at MHR, Parish Library, Ministers to the Homebound, Reconnecting.
Garden Volunteers and Music Ministry have sent in their schedule and key holders but not the fundraising proposals and corrected descriptions and contact information yet. The Pastoral Council have sent in their schedule but not the key holders, fundraising proposals and corrected descriptions and contact information yet.

• The information requested are used: to update the calendars of the parish and the reservation of facilities; to help coordinate and schedule fundraising events; and to update the ministries and groups booklet.

• Parishioners in possession of keys to MHR facilities who no longer need the keys as they are not part of any MHR groups are asked to give them back to the heads of their original groups or to the Parish Office.

Library Notes

Thanks to Jim McCrea and Greg Jurin for their contributions to the library. This week, from its expanded Scripture and spirituality sections, the Library is featuring books of meditations on the Psalms from Thomas Merton, C. S. Lewis, Joan Chittister and others. The parish library is
open after the 8 am and 10 am Masses.

Offertory Envelopes

The offertory envelopes for July 2009 to June 2010 have arrived. Please claim your packet by the entrance of the Church. Kindly call the Parish Office if you were not able to locate your packet.

Evening of Reflection

There will be an Evening of Reflection for LGBT Catholics, their families and friends on Monday night June 29, 7- 9 pm, at Newman Hall, Holy Spirit Parish, 2700 Dwight Way, in Berkeley. The evening will be presented by Mary Ellen and Casey Lopata, who are the founders of
Fortunate Families. Please pass the word to anyone you know who might be interested in attending.

MHR AIDS Support Group

Transportation Assistance is available to those with disabling HIV/AIDS with serious needs. Advanced notice of your need will greatly help us find an available driver for you. If we can be of help give us a call as soon as possible.

A number of our clients have greatly benefited from Shanti’s L.I.F.E. Program
and encourage others to participate. Participants in the program simply discover
new ways that disease progression can be replaced by health progression. A 12-week series begins June 21. A 16-week series begins in August. For more information and registration contact Shanti at 415-674-4700.

Questions? In an effort to continue to develop appropriate services and remain a successful AIDS Service Provider, we invite your questions, concerns, observations, insights and suggestions. Simple send your input to our office by snail mail, or email us at:

MHR Community Corner

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We would like to say Happy Birthday to those celebrating their birthdays this week: Adrian Arteche, Vivienne Blanquie, Thomas Bruein, Lito Castro, Joseph M. Costa, Molly C. Dwyer, Danny Field, Todd A. Fralich, Allison M. Johnson, Gregory Kolb, Patrick Macken, Kristi
March, Rebecca M. Meece, Anthony James T. O’Keefe, Christopher Robinson, Richard L. Salow and John A. Vaillancourt.

BELATED? Did we miss your birthday? We are sorry if we did. Let us know when your birthday was, by updating your information with the Parish Office at

ETERNAL REST Please pray for the eternal repose of the soul of parishioner Joe Jurado and the soul of Vernon Young, father of parishioner James Young.

Treasury Notes

Archbishop's Annual Appeal (2009):
Assessed $66,600.00
Paid Up $5,080.00
Remaining $61,520.00
Please use brochures in the pews to donate.

Last Week’s Collection: June 13-14

5 pm Mass $554.00
8 am Mass $607.00
10 am Mass $2,086.00
Auto Debit* $2,480.00
Miscellaneous ___ $182.50
Total Last Week: $5,909.50

Thank you very much !

*Auto Debit are the automated electronic
contributions of parishioners done through
the bank.


Our Mass celebrants will remember the following intentions during the celebration of the Eucharist:

Saturday, June 20
8 am Gregoria Yap †
5 pm Lucy Sweetman †

Sunday, June 21
8 am Carmine Fumarelli †
10 am Most Holy Redeemer Parishioners

Monday, June 22
8 am Leonard Sweetman †

Tuesday, June 23
8 am Margare Alleva †

Wednesday, June 24
8 am Vidala Carredo †

Thursday, June 25
8 am Gloria Yates †

Friday, June 26
8 am Virgilio Austria †

Saturday, June 27
8 am John Hartnett Quinn †
5 pm Maria Lopez †

Sunday, June 28
8 am Virgilio Austria †
10 am Most Holy Redeemer Parishioners

Contact the Parish Office at 415-863-6259 to make a contribution for flowers in the church or
to have Mass celebrated in memory of a loved one who has died, in honor of a special person, or for other special intentions.

We pray for parishioners, relatives & friends who are ill

Robert Amaro, Priscila Austria, Vivi Blanqui, Jillian Costello,
Stephanie Craig, Frank Cruz, Tom Curtis, Esperanza Derian,
Bev Differding DeVos, Alice Fedawa, Jenny Firth,
Sr. Michelle Fischer SC, Harold Franco, Robert Gallegos,
Fr. Joe Healy, Robert Hribar, James Huron, Aurora Jamison,
Natalie Kosche, Roméo L’Heureux, Loretta Lew,
Mauna Matracia, Emily McCann, James McCann,
Ruth McGarrity, Michael McLoughlin, Wayne Nagle,
Waynona Positeri, Fran Patrick, George Predge,
George Prytz, Fr. Richard Purcell, Warren Ryan,
Susan Schmid, John Schwobeda, Andrew Siedlikowski,
Matthew Sullivan, Pat Sumner, Robert Werkheiser,
Jena Williams

Names in the list are generally kept for at least three months. To update the list, kindly call the Parish Office at 415-863-6259. Thank you very much.